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Boosted with DACH Propolis
The Extraordinary Anti-Aging Warrior 


Dach opc+

DACH OPC+ is rich with grape seed extract - Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins (OPC), whose anti-oxidizing results surpasses that of collagen, vitamin C & E by 20 times and above. This type of anti-oxidizing substance which the body cannot form, have the functions to neutralize free radicals in the body, protect the heart & blood vessels, reduce bad substances in the blood, having good cells, beautify the skin, lightens pigmentation, repair fine lines and prevent wrinkles etc.   

Scientific studies have discovered that bee product - propolis contains rich flavanoid chemical compounds, which possesses strong anti-oxidizing function. Apart from helping to decrease of the damage done by free radicals, it also has many excellent functions for the good of health.

OPC+ is developed based on the philosophy of complementing individual's superiority and whole synthetical regulation. Using grape seed extract as its main ingredient and supplementing its foundation with efficiency booster - liquefied propolis. This will effectively enhance OPC+'s anti-oxidizing, and elimination of free radicals etc. aspects of functions comprehensively. OPC+ is the modern era's powerful functional beauty and health food.   

OPC+'s Healthcare Usage:  
Withstand excess active oxygen that could damage the body.

OPC+'s Beauty Usage:  
Repairs damaged collagen, promote healing of wounds, prevent skin wrinkles, improve fine lines and scars, whiten the skin and lighten pigmentation.  

Suggested Dosage:  
From the medical view, prevention is far more important that treatment because once treatment is needed, it indicates that the body's functions have been damaged. Therefore within one's limits, it is recommended to take 1-2 softgels per day for the benefits of preventing and promoting health. If the need arise, dosage may be increased according to the problem.

International Award:
*   United Nation Gold Award - Remarkable Achievements in Science & Technology Inventions
*   Brussels Eureka International Inventions - Gold Award

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