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Propolis is very precious as it takes 50,000 - 60,000 bees a year's time just to produce aproximately 300g of Propolis! With its miraculous effects and low productivity, Propolis is also known as "Purple Gold".


Propolis contains more than 300 types of functional substances. The basic substances are flavanoids and chemical compound of terpene & alkene. Apart from the basic substances, Propolis contains many other types of vitamins, amino acids and trace elements. Active enzymes, ethanol, fatty and acidic substances that have extensive effects on the immune system of human body can also be found in Propolis. Therefore in the scientific circle, it is known as the “second sun of the natural world”. Propolis is internationally recognized as a pure natural product that has the capabilities of anti-oxidant, anti-fungal, anti-toxin, strengthening the stomach and intestines, improving blood circulation and strengthens the overall immune system.

The Uniqueness of DACH Propolis is:

Free From Impurities

100% Pure Concentrated Propolis Content

Patent Technologies

Better absorption of all the effective substances

Undergone Heavy Metal Examination

Verify its Safety and Reliability

No Alcohol Content

Suitable for People with Alcohol Allergy

The Main Benefits of DACH Propolis:

  1. Increase immunity level
  2. Fight impurities
  3. Reduces oxidation
  4. Improve circulation
  5. Improve comfort
  6. Digestive ease comfort
  7. Having good & healthy cells
  8. Prolong aging

Dosage: 1-2 times daily, 1-2 softgel each time.

International Award:
*   United Nation Gold Award - Remarkable Achievements in Science & Technology Inventions
*   The International Honey Bee Therapy Congress - Gold Award
*   The 33rd International Apiculture Congress - Gold Award
*   Brussels Eureka International Inventions - Gold Award
*   Top Quality Appreciation Award - Japan
*   Belgium Kingdom Appreciation Gold Medal.

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