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2nd Half of 2009


2nd Half of 2008

The inventor of Dach Heartwin from Canada (a scientist specializing in cell research) will be coming to Singapore to conduct a series of talks to give both the professionals and consumers a more detailed picture of why our Dach Heartwin has become the latest standard in terms of quality in the health supplement industry and how it can help our heart, which is so often neglected. Dach Heartwin was given a product permit by the Ministry of Health of Canada.









First half 2008

In January this year, Dach participated in the Silver Industry Conference & Exhibition (SICEX 2008). During the 2 days exhibition, beauticians were there to provide free trials to those interested in trying out our Junko Herbal Mask or Junko Cooling Lava Mask on top of our special promotions for our Dach range of health supplements.

Dach will like to express our heartfelt appreciation to all those who have visited our booth and helped making it a huge success.


A series of seminars were subsequently conducted in a few of our outlets by our visitng professor focusing on the topic of sudden dealth. Dach will also like to take this opportunity to thank Sinchong Taiji Association for giving us the privilege to conduct a talk to their members.



DACH has just participated in the 4th International Congress of Traditional Medicine held from 17 to 19th Nov 2007 at the Suntec Convention. The guest of honor was our Minister of Health, Mr Khaw Boon Wan with Mr Wang Guo Qiang, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Health, PRC Director, State Administration of TCM, China and Mr Neo Say Hai, Adviser, SCPA as the special guests.

This congress has definitely enhanced the exchange and collaboration of TCM scholars and other medical societies worldwide. It also promoted the continuity, creativity and development of Traditional Medicine, so as to contribute more to the healthy living of mankind.

DACH will like to express our deepest gratitude for those who have visited our booth during the congress.


Jul ~ Dec 2007

DACH has just soft launched a new product called DACH HeartWin (Sunvim). It is an innovatively formulated natural health supplement created, R&D together with Harvard Medical Institute, from a meticulous combination of Co-enzyme Q10, Vitamin E and Omega-3 based on proven up-to-date scientific discoveries and currently established medical researches around the world.

With a unique formula aiming to reduce, prevent and fight cardiovascular dysfunctions, cancers and aging, HearWin has been revealed as an effective natural food supplement. Primarily, HeartWin serves to maintain and promote the quality of health in individuals over 40 years of age, but all ages benefit from its magnificent effects. Our product license issued from the Minister of Health of Canada has the recommendation usages as ¡°Supports the function of heart and nourishes vascular system. Promotes antioxidant effect, especially on immune system and neural system. Facilitates energy production at cellular level.¡±

HeartWin¡­. NOT JUST another normal Q10 or Omega-3 health supplement.


DACH is proud to announce that we have been awarded with an International Appreciation Award from the Bio-Science Research Institute of Japan for our DACH Propolis for having, worldwide, the best quality, efficacy and highest bioflavanoid contents in 2007 again. Contributing to the health recovery of people worldwide.


Jan ~ Jul 2007

The jointly organized seminar by DACH Enterprise Pte Ltd and SinChong Meheco Ltd in April was very successfully organized with a large number of audiences attending at least 8 of the entire 10 sessions. On top of that, because of the interactive style of Professor Liu ZhongShu, another 2 extra sessions were specially requested and held at the auditorium in DACH¡¯s office.

DACH will like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have participated and assisted in making the seminar a huge success. We promise to conduct more of such seminars in the near future.


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