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Life Span


DACH Propolis

Dach Propolis

100% Pure Propolis obtained through our unique technology, contains no harmful impurities.





A Combination of grape seed extract and propolis, giving benefits in both health and beauty.                                       

DACH LifeBone

Dach LifeBone

Made from 100% fruit ingredients. Best partners of bone density with high absorption efficiency.




Life Science


DACH HeartWin

Featuring an innovative formula of Omega-3, CoQ10 and Vitamin E, Heartwin can ensure a healthy heart.                       


  DACH Lingzhi Spores

Dach Lingzhi Spores

Using Activated Extraction Method(lingzhi spores), it is suitable for people with all weak constitutions.


Life Style


JUNKO SkinCare Series

Junko Skincare Series

Aimed to enhance your skin from the basics, this series is made purely from natural ingredients



Life Essential

Coming soon










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