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New Natural Health Concept

North America's Highest Graded Functional Health Supplement



The Approach of the Cell Biologists
As one grows old, or as the energy supplies becomes inadequate, these corrective actions gradually slows down and the normal process of metabolism will be affected.

Hence, there is a real need to ensure an adequate supply of cell energy to the human body.

Basic Approach of Our Solution
We supply the adequate cell energy required by the human body directly at the cell-level to ensure that the requisite nutrients, in precise and otimized dosages, are in place.

A Technology Breakthrough by HeartWin!!

The recision of  HeartWin's effectiveness forms the keystone from:

Superior Scientific Formula + Unique Core Technology = Synergistic Effectiveness

Core Technology
The core technology of HeartWin lies in its precise quantification of the base substrate for the cell energy metabolism process and the powerful anti-oxidant free-radical component and their subsequent integration into a single entity. This is done through a unique manufacturing process that enables the active elements to penetrate the phospholipid bilayer cell membrane structure into the cell interior to provide energy for these building blocks.

This technology thus supplies the means of vital repairs through a new nutritional substance to a cell under sub-healthy conditions, in an unbalanced state of energy, and acts directly at the cell level. At the same time, it serves to clear the free radicals within the cells at source and minimizes or even eliminates the direct cell damages caused by the free radicals, thus beefing up the ability of the cells against harm.

Special Features of HeartWin:

1.   The Right Ingredients   
HeartWin contains excellent ingredients to provide vitality for the heart, blood vessel and immune system.

2.   The Right Amount
HeartWin contains a precise dosage of ingredients with accordance to its formula that is beneficial to the health.

3.   The Right Formula
The components of HeartWin are not only effective but also compliment each other to heighten its potency.

4.   The Right Form
Concentrated Omega-3, soluble CoQ10 and fat-soluble vitamins are used in the manufacturing of HeartWin. The unique methodology used in the production together with the optimal form of components utilized leads to a higher level of bioavailability.

Specially Recommended For:
This is a must for those above 40 years of age or those who wish to slow down their aging process. It is not suitable for both children and pregnant women.

Smokers and drinkers.
  • People with irregular meal intakes and lack exercises.
  • People who are after a beautiful and clear complexion and good eyesight.
  • Recommended Dosages:
    1 - 2 softgels each time
    1 - 2 times daily

    Canada Ministry of Health's Recommendation (Product Permit: NPN80002448):

    • Supports the function of heart and nourishes the vascular system.
    • Promotes antioxidant effect especially on immune and neural systems.
    • Facilitates energy production at cellular level.


    • Individuals who intend to maintain healthy heart, support good vessel function and blood flow.
    • Manifest energy production at cellular level, to have a good concentration of nerve and brain with vitality.
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