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Junko Cooling Lava

An American by the name Mr Jackson, has butterfly spots” on the face because of not noticing weather change and pay no attention to skin nutrition, 15 days later after he applied Cooling Lava Mask, the “butterfly spots” on the face disappeared.

The president of Shanghai Mei Long Zhen Group in China, Mr Wang Pang Yao, inflicted by sunlight dermatitis and his skin was dry all the time. He took a lot of medicine but he could not get it cured. He applied Cooling Lava Mask by chance, and then his skin became better and recovered.

Ms Guan who was stung by a mosquito on her leg in one summer and the itch wound inflamed and later festered. She than spread the mask over her wound and recovered half a month later.

Mdm Lim who has very sensitive skin and phobia to skincare products especially those apply on the face. One day she had no choice due to pale & dark gloomy face complexion, she force herself to give a try on our Cooling Lava. To her surprise after few applications the mask did not irritate her face instead she felt the cooling smoothing effect that she had never felt it before. Moreover, she also find her facial skin look brighter, whiter and glowing. She now chasing after our Cooling Lava mask.

Junko Herbal Beauty Soap

Mdm Mariam, age 40 - "I have problem with dry and peeling skin on my face. After using Junko Beauty Soap for about 2 weeks, my skin peeling begin to disappear. Now I am still using it and the peelings are completely gone. I like to keep skin tenderness with Junko beauty products."

Mr Jumari, age 19 - "My face was oily and I have problem with pimples growing on my forehead. After using Junko Beauty Soap for about 3 months, the pimples disappeared and skin is more balanced now."

Mdm Jaliah, age 65 - "My skin tone is uneven and there were dark patches appearing. After using Junko Beauty Soap for 2 months, my face tone becomes even and the dark patches are disappearing and my face is more radiant now. Junko Moisturizer also help to prevent my face from being dry."

Miss Rasima, age 14 - "Teenagers usually have pimple problems. Washing my face with Junko Beauty Soap daily helped control my teenage pimples."

Miss Yong, age 22 - "My face have uncontrolled pimple problem. After being introduced to Junko Beauty products, I started using them and my pimples are under control now. I no longer need to visit the skin clinic anymore."

Mr Musa, age 40 - "As a kidney patient, my skin is usually very dry. I have uncontrolled pimples growing on my face and I have got skin itchiness problem. After using Junko Beauty Soap, my face pigmentation becomes more balance, the pimples and itchiness are under control. I also use Junko Moisturizer to keep my face from being dry."

Mr Loh, age 45 - "As a forklift driver, I am exposed to sunlight regularly. Using the Junko Beauty products protects my face from the dangerous UV rays and thus kept my face tone even and well balanced. There is no pain effect on my face and hand even after long exposure under the sun."

Mr Manogaram, age 42 - "Redishness and itchiness always cause me many problems after long hours under the sun. However, after faithful and constant usage of Junko Moisturizer and Junko Beauty Soap, I do not have to be bothered by such problems anymore."

Mr Koh, age 48 - "I always suffers from body odours and itchiness. However, after using Junko Beauty Soap, I feel relieve, clean and fresh. I have introduced this Junko product to my beautician, family members, relatives and friends."

Ms Anna, age 30+ - "During my pregnancy, I was faced with pimples, rashness and pigmentation problems. However, after using Junko Beauty Soap, Lotion and Mask, I discovered that I can live in comfort and with confident as I have no more facial problems to attend to now."

Ms Pang, age 33 - "It is so affordable to use Junko products. The products are simple and convenient to use. Just one Junko Beauty Soap can serve many functions like makeup remover, cleanser, toner and moisturizer. Besides, it also improves my face skin's water retention. Thank you Junko."


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