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What are basic skincare products?

Basic skincare products are made from all natural ingredients. No artificial colourings or chemical fragrances are added. They have the ability to improve skin texture whilst maintaining its pH level.

The aim of basic skincare products is, not to alter the natural characteristics of the natural skin, but rather, to enhance them by going to the basics. In other words, the products work from the basal level of overall skin structure, right up to the surface, by thoroughly rejuvenating the cells and improving their nourishment, absorbency and protection levels. Such products generally improve the overall appearance of the skin, whilst maintaining its natural balance as well as retarding the aging process. Regular usage of such products will enable you to enjoy a youthful complexion the likes of which you never thought possible.



Junko Natural Basic Skincare Products are based on the abovementioned principles. With special considerations to the specific characteristics of Asian skin types, medical experts have used entirely natural plant and herbal extracts and created a totally new conceptual range of skincare products after years of research.

The special benefits of this range of products come from the perfect formulation of unique natural plant properties, employing methods of production in modern medical science. What this means is, extraction and production process is biological and completely free of any chemicals, preservatives, alcohol, fragrances or colorings. The introduction of this line of products will give your skin the chance to break away from contamination and damage of similar, but chemically produced items.

Junko Natural Basic Skincare Products - absolutely natural, use the best traditional and modern techniques of extraction, while at the same time maintaining the maximum proportion of natural active ingredients, as well as possessing a high affinity to your skin. The products are readily absorbed and the skin experiences various protective benefits and you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re free from any irritation or side effects.

2 skincare series are available:

1.   Junko Herbal Skincare Series
2.   Junko All Natural Skincare Series



Compared Against Other Common Skincare Products.

Description JUNKO Natural Skincare Products Common “Natural Skincare Products”
Ingredients 100% natural herbal plants extracts Contain natural components or natural ingredients.
Technology Uses high technology in biological extraction methods from Japan, whereas no essence, coloring, preservatives or chemical products are used in the production process. Extracted by chemical synthetic processes (such as by adding alcohol, ether, essence, preservatives and other chemical products.)
Functions Effectively absorbed by the skin derma, and improves metabolism of the skin, so as to rectify the problem area of the skin from the roots of its cause. Restores the condition of your skin and increases its elasticity. Your skin will still maintain at its best condition if you should decide to stop using the product. Increases the natural immunization property of your skin. High dermal absorption, resulting in accumulation that will in turn reduce the elasticity of your skin. Your skin will easily revert to its previous condition if you should decide to stop using the product. The blocked pores prevent normal metabolism. Decrease the natural immunization property of your skin.
Efficacy The natural plant extracts contained in the product (such as cordyceps sinensis, astragalus membranaceus, safflower, dandelion) that have been synthesized possess anti-UV and anti-allergy properties. Rich in nourishment that is required in all skin types, and the product remains in an active state, ensuring good affinity with your skin and helps the skin to absorb as much nourishment as it needs. Forms a natural shield of protection against the direct irritation of UV rays in the sunlight as well as the dust, grime and inferior cosmetic products.

The chemical products and preservatives that are contained may reduce the natural immunization property of your skin.

Contain chemical additives to allow permeation into the skin, forcing the skin to absorb the ingredients.

Ingredients that are not absorbed by the skin clog up the pores, preventing the skin to breathe and rejuvenate itself.

Suitability Suitable for both men and women, with special formulations for the various skin types (dry, normal or oily) and age groups. The same product for any age group, from the very young to very old.

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